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When should newborn photos be taken?

The best time to photograph a newborn is between 5-14 days old. During this time, your baby is tiny, curlable, and sleeping a ton which makes it easier to pose them without disturbing their peaceful state. It's best to book your newborns 6-8 weeks before your due date. We can choose a tentative date at that time and make adjustments when your little bundle of joy arrives.

How long will the session last? 

I offer several different package options with 1, 2, and 3 hour shoots. The 3 hour package also includes the option to take place in your home.

How should I prepare for my session? 

I highly recommend feeding and changing your little one as close to your appointment as possible so that they will be full and sleepy. Be prepared to feed and change multiple times throughout the session. A quiet, relaxing environment is best so if big brother or sister are joining us, you may want to bring someone to help or possibly take them home after their part of the session.


Do I need to bring anything?

The session begins with baby in diaper only so I can capture them in a sleepy, cuddly state. Swaddles, blankets,  and wraps work best as outfits and are provided. You do not need to bring any outfits.If you want to do a specific theme let me know as I may have what you want.

Do bring: if you have a special blanket,  sentimental family item or heirloom, or something with baby’s name name on it that you would like them photographed with.

Styling For Family Portraits
If you would like to do family portraits, we will do these at the beginning of the session starting with your little one's older siblings. The focus of this session is to capture the beauty of this new life, and the sweet and serene moments you are all experiencing together as a family. You want to avoid wearing anything that takes attention away from that. Neutral colors work best, and floral patterns are acceptable also. I recommend dressing everyone in simple, solid colors and avoiding bright, primary colors or distracting patterns like stripes, polka dots, cartoon characters or large logos.

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